Tuesday, April 28, 2009



consept and/or con

film me sleeping is first and foremost an escape from routine, structure, arranging, and when it comes around, thinking. on the other hand its purely intuitive process to record the foundations of the songs. a state of an idle run. it's an attempt to steer clear of everything one is normally concerned when composing songs; sound quality, flawless playing, etc.. on the other hand, after the material has been recorded, it turns to be quite the opposite. there might be a certain 'jekyll and hyde' thing going here.

i don't know. you tell me.

process and/or evolution

the goal or the purpose on the first leg of the process is not to make songs. the recording is done without any planning, any ideas.
me, a piano, some privacy, some kind of a recording device and a good five to seven hours. from the first minute to the last the rec is continuously on. the fact that i'm not a pianist is very audible in these works but that's the thing itself. it is a choice of weapons of getting the job done properly. it's easier not to be concerned about nuances when you're not familiar with the instrument. some call that ridicilous, i call it punk. the second leg is for the jekyll-side, the scientist-side. all material is ransacked in the search for a theme, a mood, an affinity. some portions are discarded, others are kept and edited to be a part of the whole, which is the so called song. optimal running time could be somewhere around 30 minutes or so. some parts heavily effected, some parts left untouched. anything that serves the drama. if in need of other instruments such as drums or anything these two steps are repeated. conclusion: doing without thinking too much to create something worth thinking to.

i don't know.
again, you tell me.

Film Me Sleeping - An emissary of everything worth anything (part 1)
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