Monday, March 23, 2009



Tulivuori is a project on bands, by bands. It's an ongoing research on the creative work of experimental musicians; a zoom-in that will make the view clearer - or even blurrier.

Each participating band or artist makes a new song, records it and documents the whole producing process in text, photos or video, and then lets you download the previously unreleased song in this blog. The posts are written mainly by the bands themselves and therefore reveal something of their inner world and aesthetics. They let you see the beef slicing and onion chopping before serving the dinner.

More traditional interviews and articles on insightful musical projects are also posted every now and then.


If you wish to take part in this blog with your project, send a myspace-link or mp3-files (2-5 songs) to I'll have a listen as soon as I can and contact you if your project seems suitable for this blog. But you should know that I'm slow and busy.

If you want to notify us about incorrect english or dead links in this blog, or just want to share your ideas and thoughts with us, you can use the same e-mail address.


Mikael Rechardt
Helsinki, Finland

artwork & layout : tuukka haapakorpi and mikael rechardt

special thanks to samu and roy for their ideas.